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From your Mod [Nov. 17th, 2003|07:56 pm]
Some new members:


Also, mojo_iv is in a tie. I don't know how to link back to it yet, but if you scroll down, you'll find the app. Vote your hearts out so I can give back an acceptance or rejection stamp.

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YAH!!!! [Oct. 28th, 2003|05:19 pm]
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<ljuser="tiffceleste"> is my very first member in http://www.livejournal.com/community/_from_within_/ I'm so excited!!!!! Hope to see more people there!!
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New Community [Oct. 27th, 2003|12:17 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]

I haven't been paying too much attention to my journal lately. Instead, I've been busy with home matters. I've also gotten into putzing around with LJ communities.

I enjoy the whole thrill of a rating community, so I decided to be a bigger part of it and make one for myself. There are all different ones that I have experimenting with, but I decided a community based on inside happiness and beauty is what I am most interested in.

I made a community called _from_within_. I made a survery for applicants to fill out that members would rate.

If anyone on my friends list is interested, they can be instant members (but are more than welcome to fill out the survery!!). Also, if they could help to advertise it, I would really appreciate it, too! I am really interested in meeting new people, finding out what other people think about certain issues, you know what I mean.

Once you are a member, you can judge on anyone's survey and make posts in the community.

I'm really hoping that everyone will have a little fun with it....and learn something new about them and their friends.
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I can't believe this!!!!!! [Oct. 26th, 2003|10:50 am]

I don't even know what to think. IN JUST FIVE GAMES!!!!!

I have been so disappointed by sports lately. Last season the Lakers were horrible, then the Kobe Bryant thing came out. THEN, I was so excited about the Cubbies going into the World Series but, when they lost to the Marlins I though for sure that the Yankees would take them. BUT, NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

What is going on in the sports world?
I tell you, if these guys don't start shaping up, I'm going to quit sports. J/K

I'm sorry, I just had to get that out.

I don't have time for much else but, I am doing good, aside from being busy heck!!!

Hope everyone has been well.
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Haven't been here in a while [Oct. 19th, 2003|02:40 pm]
[mood |busybusy]

I've been really busy with so many things these last couple weeks, I have hardly had time to update on here. Jay has been working a lot and I have been trying to straighten things out around the house.

We are working really hard to meet our goal of buying a house next summer. We have so much to do. We have to find the right area (somewhere around Appleton because Jay turned down the job in St. Loius, Missouri). We both want a place with several acres of land with either a creek or someplace to make a pond. We have grown really fond of the pind that we have here, and Jay wants to teach Lynds how to fish, so we want water by our house. We also want it to be far from any highway, or any well traveled road. If it takes us a couple minutes to get to town, that's okay, we just don't want to worry about Lynds walking into the road to get a ball or toy.

Like I said, there is so much we have to go over before everything can be ready. Jay knows a really great mortgage broker, so he can get us an amazing loan. Also, Jay can use his 401K as a down payment, do that will really cut down on our payments, too.

Well, I better get going, tons of housecleaning to be done.

Oh, yeah.....Jay and I are having Thanksgiving at our house again. Last year it went really well (both our families made it) so we decided to try it again. It's so mych easier for us to have everyone come over because Jay works all of the day after Thanksgiving (Back Friday). Besides, we have to travel to four different places for Christmas-time, so it's nice we don't have to anywhere for Thanksgiving. I guess we have a guest list of twelve to fourteen people (depending on whether or not my sister and brother bring their dates).

I'm looking forward to it, it should be alot of fun.....I hope!
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What have I been doing? [Oct. 10th, 2003|08:19 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]

Well, today I actually did a ton of things! Not just me, Jay and Lynds, too. We had so much shopping to do. Jay bought me my winter coat (a beautiful blue and white Columbia jacket). We also got a ton of winter clothes for Beast. We bought her the cutest little winter jacket combo. It is a jacket, snowpants, hat, mittens and botties in pink.....I can't wait for her to wear it! We've been experiencing an Indian Summer the last couple days (up in the 70's) so it'l be a couple days before we can wear our coats and new clothes.

We also had grocery shopping and Wal-Mart shopping to do. Seriously, we left home at 10 am and we didn't finish our shopping until 4 or 5 pm! I am so beat, and Jay is, too.

Lyndsey had her doctor's appointment the other day. Dr. Webb said that Lyndsey is doing exceptional. I guess that most babies cannot sit up unattended until 6 or 7 months, but Lynds has been sitting since 4 months. Lynds' height, weight and head circumference are exactly at 100%, so she's staying consistant, which is good.

She had three shots yesterday...poor thing! She had to get boosters and then she got her flu shot (she has to go back next month for another dose). I have a doctor appointment on Tuesday, so I get to ahve my flu shot, too. Anyway, Lyndsey has been doing great, despite the shots. She hasn't gotten a fever, diarhea, or any soreness (that I can tell). She's such a wonderful baby, Jay and I couldn't have wished for any better.

Believe it or not, today was actaully the first time that Jay and I went shopping for clothes for LYnds since she was born! She's over 6 months old, and finally Jay and I got to do shopping. Usually, everyone in our family buys clothes for her, so it has never been necesary.

Okay, the Cubbies are playing again tonight, I gotta watch them! Go Kerry Wood!!!! Go Sammy!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Buh-bye! Goodnight!

p.s. See my new icon? Isn't she beautiful?
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What have I been up to? [Oct. 7th, 2003|07:48 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]
[music |Cub's game]

Jay and I went out to eat tonight with one of Jay's friends, Mirko. We went to Applebee's and it was so good! I usually don't care for Applebee's too much, but I ordered the grilled tilapia with mango sauce and white rice....I was very pleased. I never had the fish there before, but I highly recomend it!

Right now Jay, Mirko and I are watching the Cubs game......4-0 Cubs....YAH!!!!!! I so want the Cubs to go to the World Series and play either Boston or New York. I was so disappointed with the Lakers this year, so it's great to see the Cubs blow my socks off. Dusty Baker is such an amazing man!!! I could go on about how excited I am about the Cubs, but I'm sure no one is interested:P

Friday Jay gets paid so we get to go shopping all day long. We are going to have Lynds' pictures taken again (we got a coupon for 40 pictures for $3 so we are not going to pass that up...Wal-Mart is great, I don't care what anyone thinks.LOL) We need to buy Lynds some pj's and a winter outfit. It will be the first time we buy clothes for here, so I'm pretty excited. Jay and I are also getting winter coats. It's going to be along day of spending money, because we also have to go grocery shopping and stop at Sam's Club. Whew.

Lynds goes to the doctor on Thursday, I can't wait. I hope she is good with her doctor (she's gotten stranger anxiety pretty bad). I have a lot of questions to ask, I just hope I don't forget them. That's why Jay has to come along, he remembers the questions I don't.

I haven't made the peanut butter cookies, yet. I'm wanting them so bad, I think I might have to bake them up tonight:)

Anyway, the CD burner on our computer isn't working right anymore, I have to call Toshiba tech support tomorrow. If I remember, that is. I hate being on hold for so long. If it's something that has to be replaced, I'm not sure if we will. Jay is buying a Sony desktop around Christmas time, so our laptop (the Toshiba) won't get as much use as it does now. Anyway, we've had this computer for a year and a half, so it isn't convered by a warranty anymore:(

Gotta watch the Cubbies!!!!!

Have a great night!!
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I am so boring!!! [Oct. 4th, 2003|02:21 pm]
[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Jay has to work all day today (surprise) **sigh** The only good thing about him working all day is that I get to have the television clicker all to myself!!!LOL

Jay is selling one of our cars today. It is a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville. Jay is selling it to my brother for $500. I guess the reasoning behind that is just so we can get rid of it, and Scott needs a car. Jay wants to be able to put our new car in the garage for the winter. He already has his motorcyle in there, so there would be no way to fit two cars. I really like the Bonneville, so I'm sad to see it go. When we get another vehicle (next summer) Jay says it will be an SUV so Lyndsey has more room in the back seat. We could use the extra room, but I would really like to get another Bonneville....they are so luxurious!!!

I'm in the middle of making a CD for Jason so when he comes home for lunch I can surprise him. I am also going to make peanut butter cookies....his absolute favorite. I like to do little things for him just to let him know how much I appreciate everything he does for me and Lyndsey. He lets me stay home all day long to take care of our daughter, with no problem. I am so thankful that we are able to still live comfortably on just his income......it would so hard for me to go back to work and put Lynds in a day care. **Shudders** I can't even think of it now! I know when she's 2 or 3 she should go to a day care or soemthing for a few hours to get social interaction, but I don't want to think of that. That's my baby.

Anyway, I cannot believe how boring my life is!!!! The most exciting thing I have in here is a CD and Peanut butter cookies.......who am I????

Well, I am going to get back to doing nothing. I hope you have a great day!!
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Getting Ready [Oct. 2nd, 2003|07:31 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]

Jay called me and told me to pack up Lyndsey's things because he wanted to go up north tonight. He has Friday off (FINALLY) so we will just bum around up there. He has to be back for work on Saturday morning, so we can't stay long. Still, I finally get to get out of the house.

Today I got a phone call from a lady who works at Gold's Gym. I guess I won a free two week gym membership from a drawing I entered in yesterday. I'm excited to win, I NEVER WIN!! but I already to go the gym in my community, so I don't really need that membership. The only reason I enetered in the drawing was because I was waiting for Jay to finish getting a hair cut and they had a box for it on the salon counter.


Jay's schedule is all messed up this month, and all three of us have appointments to go to, so there are four days in October whn we have three different places to be....within just hours of each other. Talk about crazy, hectic days I will not be looking forward to.

I have had no motivation at all today. I cleaned the house and ran the dishwasher, but it's 7:48 pm and I have yet to take a shower and still pack Lyndsey's, JAy's and my stuff for the trip up north. Jay will be off of work at nine, so that gives me and hour and half. Maybe I should get offline.

My goodness, I am so boring. I seriously need something new in my life. Definitely could use anything new. I am considering taking an ad out in the community paper looking for other stay-at-home mom's so maybe I can start to make friends and have someone to talk to (face to face I mean...nothing against all my LJ buddies).

Well, I really shoudl get going......I'll post later.

Hope everyone is doing well.

Hmm, just for the heck of it.......has anyone heard any good jokes lately? I'd love to hear them!
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Catching Up [Sep. 30th, 2003|03:40 pm]
[mood |crazycrazy]

I am so proud of myself for catching up on so much housework!!! Jason has been working constantly (his last day off was 8 days ago and he doesn't get a day off for 3 more days). Also, he has to bell today (working from open to close) so both Lyndsey and I won't be able to see him at all today. I really hate it when he wors like this. Now, with the holiday season coming up, he is going to be working between 50-60 hours a week. I am not looking forward to this!

I have been trying so hard to make blinkies.....still haven't finished a big blinkie (but there is one in the making thanks to mommyofjasmine!) I have found out how to make letter blinkies, though. So, lately I have just worked on getting them cute. I have my completed blinkies on my bio page, just to post what I have been working so hard on. In case anyone is wondering, all of the graphics that I used from other people made it clear on the site that I didn't have to link back to them....which is good because I don't think I know how to do that:P
Hope everyone had a really great day!!!!! Here's my latest blinkie:

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